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On Tour

On Tour

Each year we travel to different parts of the UK, hitting the towns biggest night clubs, trying to find the 'best' club we've ever been to...

We look for spectacular lighting effects and lasers,

the sound quality and of course the DJ's

Some clubs know how to work it, some clubs don't, and this is what lets the UK down compared to most of the nightclubs abroad.

Our number 1 UK nightclub of 2006 was:

The Syndicate Superclub - Bristol & Blackpool

The Syndicate rank one as they have amazing sound systems, multi laser equipment, and bring in some of the worlds best DJ's such as

Armin Van Buuren

Paul Van Dyk

Judge Jules

Eddie Halliwell.... to name a few

This year we will be doing an intense one week tour of the UK, it will involve alot of driving and not alot of sleep.

We will be hitting the towns for one night only, before moving on to our next destination, our route is as followed:

Starting Point at 12.00PM Midnight:

(START) Bristol - Nottingham

Nottingham - Sheffield

Sheffied - Leeds

Leeds - Blackpool

Blackpool - Liverpool

Liverpool - Cardiff

Cardiff - Bristol (END)

More details to be announced

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